Life Is Hard

There are some moments that you experience in life that are just downright dreadful. I mean, absolutely horrible. Things that will break you down.... cripple you and emotionally injure you to your core.  This is what life does.  Life throws us an ass kicking that you wouldn't believe.  

And just like a sportsman fortifies themselves for the pain and abuse from the game, so does the carnival reveller fortify themselves through the total and all encompassing experiences of carnival. 

Two Vacations In One

Through carnival we experience a great sense of joy, we make new friends and we are able to actually take two vacations in one. Meaning, when you travel for carnival, you physically vacate from where you were physically, and then you also get to take an emotional vacation where there is nothing save for you, the soca, the road and the vibes. It is here in this place where you can strengthen your core and create a quality, yet hedonistic experience which is selfish but also necessary.  Because taking care of others is impossible without taking care of yourself.  It is impossible to keep feeding others if you, yourself do not eat. Your strength, your sanity, your welfare, your health is necessary so that you can do for others.

Carnival allows you that vacation. 

Carnival allows you that experience.

At TriniJungleJuice we do carnival better than anyone else in the world. And that is not a statement of arrogance. And although it is a fact, it goes beyond that. It is absolutely, the truth.  We are not about the latest and greatest costume decoration, but we love costumes and band launches. We are not about the number one fete in the world, but we love covering fetes and attending them. We are not about playing in a certain band, but all of the members of the staff have their favorites.  We are not about soca music, but we love soca.  We are about YOU!!

We are 110% committed to you.  

We do this and we love this because we love you.....Those who we have met and those who we have not. 


Because at the end of the day, the tagline that we use is true -- We Are Carnival.  And in that we, it includes you.