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Late Late Saturday night/Sunday morning I crashed in my bed….. or some may I slept off the effects of Saturday day/night of Fleet, Sea & Sand – while other friends headed out to either XTREME White at the National Stadium while White in the Moonlight, out in the country.  One of the benefits of heading out in the country was that by the time the fete was over they had the chance to take a slight detour and visit Seven Sisters Falls. 

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to the island of Kauai in Hawai’i (where Jurassic Park was filmed) then you can have an appreciation for the mountainous beauty mixed with a touch of a rainforest feel …… Grenada is the only other island I’ve been blessed to visit that has a similar feel and views that leave you in awe. 

Grenada is filled with incredibly stunning natural beauty whether its Seven Sisters Falls, Grand Etong Lake (think a hanging lake at the top of a volcanic mountain), or the world's first underwater sculpture park - including sculptures honoring ancestors lost in the Middle Passage. Grenada is an island with a wide range of picturesque scenes to experience & enjoy.

I had a chance to relax & enjoy the most picturesque view of BBC Beach on one side & Grand Anse Beach.  There’s also something special about sitting on a hill – looking down on a beach and hearing the joyous laughter of children playing in the water.  BBC Beach even has an aqua water park for adventurous folks.

Late afternoon and into the evening feters had the choice of either hitting Sunny Side Up Fete at L’Anse Aux Epine or Freedom All-Inclusive Fete at Grenada Yacht Club.  The cool part about having these 2 fetes at the same time meant for those who wanted a more modest ticket price could go with the cash bar fete or if you were look to be a bit more indulgent you had that option too with the all-inclusive fete.  I hit up Sunny Side Up and all I can say was I was in awe as I walked through the venue and saw one of the most picturesque views I’ve ever had at a fete.  It was sick! Being on top of hill, looking down in to the bay, with a cliff in the sunset and by far the most creative architectural compound I’ve ever seen in person on the opposite hill.  The freaking “house” was built into the hill, with just windows on display and the side & “roof” is simply green grass – never mind the infinity pool, light house tower master bedroom.

L’Anse Aux Epine definitely wasn’t hard on the eyes either – with the fete taking place on the back patio & down in the pool overlooking the ocean bay.  Back 2 Basics, Tony Cross, DJ Stephen did their thing & a performance by Skinny Fabulous set it off.  And even DJ’s and Artists not working were there to lime – with DJ Private Ryan & Ricardo Drue coming through.  The Foam was in full effect, cold smoke guns, and that same energetic UK Soca crew that made their presence known at Silent Morning Boatride did it again on the dance floor at Sunny Side Up.  It was definitely a good look before heading to bed to get a couple hours of sleep before what we truly all came to Grenada for ……. JAB JAB.

'Til Next Time, Soca to de World

- Jouvert Mike

>> View Grenada Spicemas 2016 Coverage