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Sonya wrote a wonderful article "Why do women turn men down (in dancing) and what to do about it." and there was a comment that desired to hear from a man's a point of view. I did ponder the question for some time.  I also met up with our buddy Joe to hear his thoughts as well.  Here is how it stacks up between the both of us. Stephen Choo Quan is going to do Part1 and Joe Figueroa will do Part2.

Interview with Super Mario

By Joe Figueroa

We all know that there are many great salsa dancers in the world. But there are few who can do what Mario Harazika can. Known around the world as Super Mario the Million Moves Man, Super Mario is considered to be one of the best salsa instructors in the world. In my opinion he IS one of the greatest instructors and THE greatest social dancers in salsa. While others shine only when dancing with someone familiar, Super Mario can grab any woman and make them fly. A wonder to watch every time he is on the floor and a pleasure for every woman who get him for a dance., I have the privilege of speaking with Super Mario in depth about salsa…Super Mario style……..

by Joe Figueroa

When I last danced at Brazils night club, I was listening to what people were saying about the dancers and the dancing and heard that people thought the back end of the dance floor near the DJ booth is the prime spot reserved only for the "good dancers". Although I never looked at it that way, I attributed that observation to the fact that the bar at the front end of the club was where more of the people go when they want to have a drink and just watch so therefore, the hardcore dancers stick toward the back where there is more room to move. I don't know about you, but I hate dancing when I'm getting bumped every 5 seconds by someone making their way through. In the back there is less traffic. But I digress…. The discussion then turned into commentary on how only dance team dancers hang and dance in the back.
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