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    CD Review: Soca Gold 2006

    Typically this album will come out in May or June, and I will completely be caught off guard, everytime I catch myself going "Its time for the Soca Gold album already", and while it was previously just a sidekick to the Reggae Gold series, this 'Robin' album for the last few years has ridiculously outshone its 'Batman' counterpart.

    CD Review: Soca 101, Vol. 3

    I consider myself to be a relatively new listener when it come so soca music. Having just gained an extreme interest in the music, despite my almost constant access to it, within just the past five years, there is still much about the modern age of soca and even more of the calypso eras which I don't know about. Thus, I am always on the lookout to expand on, not only my collection, but my knowledge of the genre as well. So, I pickup virtually every new compilation as well as older compilation which I can find (and when you live in the Caribbean, the shelves are JAM PACKED with soca comps, perhaps just as much as reggae); with the overall goal of being someday to ....

    CD Review: D'Soca Zone 6th Wukk Up

    VP's D'Soca Zone is essentially a carry-on partner to their excellent Soca Gold series. And it's timely, released on the eve of Carnival, the album typically packs some of the potential road march favorites. Expectedly, the best thing that can be said about the 6th 'Wukk Up' (and presumably ever other edition in the series) is that it is absolutely a fun listen. There is something on here for you I can all but guarantee you, regardless of what kind of music you listen to, something on this album will get you moving on some ...

    CD Review: Tough Life - Junior Kelly

    Is there a more overlooked big artist in Jamaica than Junior Kelly? Jah Mason maybe? Maybe Determine? Or maybe even Bushman? If the title of JA's most underappreciated doesn't belong to Kelly, then he's right up there. The artist has consistently turned in big tunes and big albums and is constantly overlooked by his peers such as Sizzla (to whom he's most often compared) and Capleton, and even by the newer crop of hitmakers such as Turbulence and ...

    CD Review: It Is Crop Over

    IT IS CROP OVER is the debut album of Moonblast Productions. Sebastian Legall who is only 22 years of age and from the small island of Barbados produced all tracks. On this CD, listeners can find the very popular PARTY TIME RIDDIM (soca version of Fat Joe's - Lean Back), the riddim featured artists such Peter Ram, Popsicle and Rameses feat. Malcolm X + Stylez P with ...

    CD Review: Soca Gold 2005

    The Soca Gold annual compilation from VP Records is always about huge vibes and great times by some of the biggest and some of the not so well-known soca artists from all throughout the Caribbean. It generally covers all forms of the music very well and is always well represented, and I have actually yet to hear an edition of SG which I felt was actually below ...
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