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Carnival is finally here!!!!!!!!!!! The anticipation has made many of us ready to explode better than a bottle of champagne, and with that said our inhibitions are thrown to the wayside. 

Everyone wants to wuk up, juk, wine & then some more adventurous ones want to CLIMB.

Look, we’ve all been in a fete where the energy is palpable & “that song” comes on when EVERYONE loses their mind – nuh behavior at all. At that moment beautiful bodies gyrate in perfect harmony, others burst with excitement jumping all around, some may be in hallelujah prayer form with arms raised to the sky & then we’ve got the true wassi ones…….who in their euphoria find the closest man & begin to climb (or man who decides he’s lifting this gyal to de heavens – maybe for an elevated spiritual experience, who knows).

What we do know is it happens and it can lead to some of the most EPIC moments of your Carnival Season OR be a complete failure with someone getting hurt (either pulling/straining a muscle, getting dropped to the ground, being toppled, or just their ego taking a beating), whatever the case here are a few simple rules to keep in mind.

Trinidad Carnival is only a couple of weeks away - Soca mixes are on repeat, packing checklists are being reviewed, last few outfits & costume accessories being purchased and now it’s time to make sure the rookies don’t get left in a ditch, so here’s 5 basic Rookie Rules to live by while enjoying The Greatest Show On Earth & ensuring your 1st won’t be your last:

With 1 month to go until Carnival it's time to get everything in order & figure out what items you still need to be ready for anything/everything the minute you touch down. With so much excitement you're liable to leave some critical pieces behind, so before you pack your bags (especially for those traveling to their 1st major Carnival) carefully because no one wants to miss out on fetin' because you forgot to pack the essentials & are running around find what you need.  

One of the most difficult areas to burn off fat is around the abs. Yet, for many reasons, shredding/toning the abs is the ultimate goal for many people looking to hit de road.

People will spend hours on their workouts in their attempt to achieve cut abs (remember... Abs Are Made In De Kitchen, Not In De Gym), yet only few are able to achieve the goal ... and these specific exercises help tremendously make it a reality for them as the right ab exercises & strategies make all the difference.

Here’s your 6 pack of core exercises to get your 6 pack abs in time for Carnival:

Have you ever met someone who truly has passion for his craft & it immediately becomes clear why he is among the best ever at what he does ....well that happened when I sat down and listened to DJ Private Ryan explain the nuances of how he sees, feels, and breathes music.

For all those that have come to know, follow, and lose themselves in DJ Private Ryan’s mixes – whether online, on the radio, in a fete or on de road – here’s your chance to learn a bit more about DJ Private Ryan, just step Behind De Turntables with us ...

People have asked ....what else are yuh doin to get yuh Bess Carnival Body? Is there a magic pill?

There’s no magic pill, but there definitely are vitamins & supplements involved. Remember yuh mum used to say “Don’t forget to take yuh vitamins”, well she was right.

Vitamins & Supplements are critical to supporting your efforts in the gym and certain ones will sub for some of the less healthy options in the kitchen - so here's a few that will help you Carve Yuh Bess Carnival Body

As Soca has become more of a global phenomenon it's not just the artists creating the music that have helped impact spreading the culture, the DJ's have become a mainstay circling the globe - mixing music, serving as Soca Ambassadors & masterfully reading the pulse in fetes and elevating vibes. It's time to learn a bit more about these International Renowned DJ's by going behind de turntables.....

DJ Stephen aka Mr. I Am Soca aka Red Dred - official tour DJ for Machel Montano & Lyrikal. Born in Trinidad, now residing in Los Angeles....the few days of the year he's not on the road.  Having won the award for International DJ of the Year multiple times & bringing Soca to the masses literally around the globe year after year, Stephen Phillip is on a mission to ...

We all know Carnival is big business & it’s getting more expensive every year.

A Plane ticket, Lodging, Costume, Fete tickets, and Transportation, you know - just “the basics”, can cost as much as buying a car.

So, how do we make it more affordable to attend Carnival?
....How about getting rid of the biggest expenses, your plane ticket?


So, you’re working out regularly (seeing some small gains) but wondering ...... “how/if ever am I going to ever see my abs, especially those 6-pack tings I see in magazines or the bikini bodies in band-launch photos?” Trust me, we’ve all been there & it’s frustrating as hell.

Following a healthy meal plan is the only way you’re going to shed that soft covering we all have which hides the lovely washboard abs hidden inside of your ultimate Carnival Body.

Carving Carnival Bodies

The countdown has begun! We’re 90 days to Trinidad Carnival 2016 –  fete tickets are dropping, new songs are being released, costume balances are being paid off,  and now it’s time to work on what goes INSIDE those costumes.

We are thinking about the Greatest Show on Earth and understandably we want each piece of the experience to be the best it can be, including our bodies that will be on full display since ain’t much clothing involved in many of our costumes when we crossing De Stage.

No matter where you are now and where you want to end up, it has to start with the first step ...
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