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Spice Mas has a little something for everyone.  Clearly, your wassi crew can get on bad at Jab Jab, your traditionalists can enjoy Pretty Mas, and those looking for a little mix of “new age lighting” and the aesthetics of watching the contrast of bright lights against the pitch black sky have the unique experience of Neon Mas...... within 24 hours if you're up for it, you can experience all 3 & here's how I did it.

When I tell you I’ve been waiting YEARS to finally have the opportunity to attend Spice Mas and experience Jab Jab – it’s like someone born on February 29th waiting for their birthday to roll back around so they can really go in.

Some say “you haven’t been to carnival until you’ve been to Trinidad Carnival” (and I agree, you need to visit the Mecca of all Carnivals to pay it your proper respects & have a greater appreciation for its size, grandeur, and cultural impact) ..... well I will also say “you haven’t been to J’Ouvert until you’ve been to Grenada for Jab Jab”.

Jab Jab is life changing........

One of the benefits of heading out in the country was that by the time the fete was over they had the chance to take a slight detour and visit Seven Sisters Falls.

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to the island of Kauai in Hawai’i (where Jurassic Park was filmed) then you can have an appreciation for the mountainous beauty mixed with a touch of a rainforest feel …… Grenada is the only other island I’ve been blessed to visit that has a similar feel and views that leave you in awe.

Grenada is filled with incredibly stunning natural beauty whether its Seven Sisters Falls, Grand Etong Lake (think a hanging lake at the top of a volcanic mountain), or the world's first underwater sculpture park - including sculptures honoring ancestors lost in the Middle Passage.  Grenada is an island with a wide range of picturesque scenes to experience & enjoy.

Saturday was the marathon fete – Fleet, Sea & Sand by Spice Addiction Ent.  Here’s the thing that I love to see as you travel from island to island different promoters are students of the game – taking aspects of fetes that work well, combining them & then elevating the experience in a new way with their own event – raising the bar for all fetes/promoters across the globe.

So for those that have enjoyed the vibes of events like Limerz (Barbados), Raft-Up (Bermuda), and true beach fetes (numerous come to mind in Trinidad & Jamaica) then think about combining aspects of all of them for an Epic marathon of feting and you’ve got Fleet, Sea & Sand.

The vibes start from just coming off the walk through the door and Grenada Tourism Board is taking care of you proper with your choice of mixed drinks or shots of local rum as you wait in the modest customs line (keep in mind it’s only 1 plane full at a time – it’s not like multiple planes land overlapping so you’re in a crazy long line like some islands/countries).  And they have no problem with you having coming back for seconds/thirds on additional “tastings”.

There’s something very special about Grenada that is so comforting and familiar, even though this was my first visit it felt like I was just being welcomed by extended family....... and I knew I was in for a TIME

Monday – if you haven’t seen the videos yet – RAFT UP is the sickest thing out there & truly the reason I hopped a last second flight to come for Bermuda Heroes Weekend.  I really would like a dollar (US) for every time we heard between our arrival and reaching Raft Up – “Hey, are you guys really Trini Jungle Juice?” or people just yell out from across the street when they see the Blonde Beanstalk aka Dre “Trini Jungle Juice!!!!!! You ready for Raft Up?! We love your video”.  No lie, there wasn’t a restaurant, hotel, or fete that we went to that someone didn’t smile fondly and say “that Raft Up video is the reason I’m here”...... the power of Social Media & avid followers of TJJ is truly appreciated – which is why we strive to engage all of you in all manners possible (video, pics, blogs, & in person at fetes – we want you to live, breath, and dream Soca).

Some of you don’t know this but I’m actually part fish & part man – so..........

Locals refer to Sunday of Bermuda Heroes Weekend as “Promoters Sunday” – with a number of new fetes added to the variety of options for revelers to enjoy.  Some chose to hit a breakfast fete, there were multiple boat rides (from early early morning through mid-day) others doing more of the touristy sight-seeing, others taking it easy.  With it being Father’s Day – it was the perfect day for Pan in the Park where people bring their coolers – plenty food & drinks being shared and lay out on blankets, perfect relaxed picnic lime with family and friends.  Unfortunately..............

Bermuda Heroes Weekend Road March, TJJ partnered up with Passion Bermuda for a section in the band.  This year was a new extended route, roughly 6 miles long running alongside the airport.  Sorry, we planned to have incredible drone coverage by Lee Quest for all of you ..... But funny little thing – FAA regulations & computer chip safety guard inside drones won’t allow civilians to launch a drone in restricted airspace.  I’d say that’s a good safety precaution for everyone’s peace of mind when they are flying, so the still shots & video from the ground will have to do for allyuh this year – or maybe just tease you enough to join us on de road next year.

This was the most picturesque road march I’ve ever participated in with views of the ocean on both sides as you come around bends and corners.

If you ask almost anyone in the world to get up at 3 am to stand out in a monstrous storm to stand outside & party in a chilling rain they’d think you’re mad, but if you were in Bermuda for Heroes Weekend then you were just one of the thousands of revelers at BHW’s J’ouvert fete.

As we reached in the dark of night the fete was in full force........

Each Carnival is thankfully different & has some unique factors contributing to its’ style and character.

Team TJJ – aka team no sleep - came in from all over arriving Friday afternoon (well, all of us except the man who probably wanted to be here more than all of us combined – Dr. Rhadi Ferguson .....flight delays & missed connections unfortunately made it impossible for him to participate in Bermuda Heroes Weekend 2016).  After a short picturesque ride from the airport to our hotel, Hamilton Princess, we grabbed a quick meal on Front Street and then we were off to 5 Star Friday.
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