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Dr. Rhadi Ferguson is a Bahamian-American, a 2004 Olympian in the sport of Judo, an author, speaker, former mixed martial arts professional fighter and an award winning judo coach. He is professionally called “The Intellectual Warrior” due to his academic approach as a strategist and tactician. He further staples down this moniker by having served as an Adjunct Professor in the sports science department of the University of Central Florida and also as the Associate Editor of the Journal of Asian Martial Arts. Currently Dr. Ferguson serves as an editorial reviewer for the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research as well as the Theories and Applications International Edition Journal.

Dr. Ferguson has been featured on major networks such as Yahoo!, NBC, ESPN and in print media such as UFC Fit Magazine, Ultimate Grappling Magazine and he is a writer for the professional blog ProMMANow.com which is syndicated by the USA Today. Dr. Ferguson has also been published in peer reviewed journals and his motivational speaking and coaching advice can be easily found on his internet show “Coffee With Rhadi” which is a spinoff from his book “Coffee with Rhadi: Herculean Conversations with an Olympian (and some other things that you think about from time to time...)” which can be found with the rest of his publications on www.Amazon.com

After growing up in Miami, Florida and experiencing the Goombay Festivals in Coconut Grove during his youth, Dr. Ferguson got bit by the "Carnival" bug in 2011 at Miami Carnival and has been hooked ever since. Since then he has been a regular at Carnival in Trinidad & Tobago and many other carnivals such as Miami, Tampa, Palm Beach, and Orlando. Dr. Ferguson believes in attending the "big" carnival as well as the small ones, as the small ones provide a great training ground for the newbies and neophytes to carnival.

In 2014, Dr. Ferguson wrote one of the best selling books on preparing for carnival called "The Ultimate Road Ready Guide: PACE! What Every Carnival Veteran And Carnival Virgins Must." Dr. Ferguson today has been heralded as "The Carnival Doctor" by TriniJungleJuice and by many others around the world by his ability to prepare for carnival and create the best experience possible for masqueraders and revelers.

In 2013 Dr. Ferguson was selected as 1 of the top 100 Mixed Martial Arts trainers in the world by UFC Fit Magazine. In 2006 he was awarded the USA Judo Coach of the Year Award and that same year he was nominated for the top sports science award issued by the United States Olympic Committee (USOC), the Doc Councilman Award. Dr. Ferguson also served as the Athlete Advisory Council representative for USA Judo and the USOC.

Dr. Ferguson has also served as the Head Coach for the Bahamas Judo Federation where he has coached at the World Judo Championships, the Cadet World Championships and had the privilege of developing the first Olympian in the sport of Judo in the Bahamas during his time as Head Coach.

Professionally, Dr. Ferguson holds a black belt in Judo. He also holds a 2nd Degree black belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu which is a background that very few martial artists can proclaim. Dr. Ferguson also holds a doctorate and masters degree in area of education and currently runs, teaches and operates his own dojo in Tampa, Florida where he coaches, teaches and mentors practitioners at the grassroots level of the art and sport who have been successful on the state and national levels.

At the end of the day, Dr. Ferguson likes to say that he is “…just a coach and a mentor – nothing more, nothing less.” But the truth is, he is a highly sought out and recognized High Performance Enhancement Specialist centered in education, business, carnival and sport. Utilizing his proven background as an Olympian and lecturing motivator to course corrects systems, create, modify and engineer curriculum initiatives and construct strategic framework toward improving performance and elevating desired outcomes.

Dr. Ferguson resides in Tampa, Florida with his wife of 12 years, Traci Ferguson, MD and their two children. Their son Rufus (8) and daughter Rhadi Isabelle (4).
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The New Anatomy Of The Fete

As I was analyzing the fetes, the fetting experience, talking to patrons and listening to conversations before, during and after carnival — I began to understand something major.

It’s a phenomenon that I learned in sport as a player and a coach.  And that is…

Everything that you did and have done before you step on the line impacts that outcome of the game and your play.  Meaning, everything that you did before you arrived into TNT has an impact and an effect on your overall experience.

Now, this is why most virgins have a better time than veterans. And this is why I tell all virgins to thank veterans because as I’ve said, time and time before — carnival veterans sacrifice some of their “good times” to make sure that their carnival virgins have the time of their lives.

With that being said lets look at the build up.

The new anatomy of a fete begins with a ticket purchase. It then continues with fete attendance/experience and then ends with a fete assessment. 
The process of reporting about carnival is a huge responsibility. People read what we write and they make decisions about which fetes to attend, which fetes to avoid and what they should expect at carnival. 

Every year that I attend, I see things differently than I saw them at first. I learn more, I experience more and I feel more.  I also, unfortunately, approach things with a hint of cynicism and disdain because I want it the way that I want it.  My previous experiences create mental expectations that, often times, the reality cannot and does not meet.

It’s like the building of sexual tension between you and another individual and then when the act happens it is unfulfilling. Not because sex itself is unfulfilling, but the expectation that you had of the experience did not match the reality. 

See, your first time in Trinidad is impossible to mess up. Because no matter what you think, dream or imagine, Carnival in TNT is not only going to match it. It’s going to BEAT IT!  Severely!

But once you’ve gone it’s a little bit different.

Look, if you are in a relationship and you and your partner are both virgins and it’s the "first time" for both of you, then you have nothing to measure it against and it’s THE BEST EVER.  But if you’ve had a plethora of experiences then you start to compare one experience with the next one and then compartmentally each experience starts to become “the best” of it’s own category.  (i.e.  She gives the best ****. Or he ***** me the best. Or he goes ****** on me the best. Or she ***** my ***** the best. etc.,.)  (and uh….. shame on all of you if you could fill in the blanks!! LOL!!)

But the truth of the matter is that we bring that sufferation on ourselves because NO TWO PEOPLE ARE ALIKE and comparing one against the other is not fair. 

And likewise, comparing this year to last year or 2 years ago is not fair. Or comparing the music. 


Because every experience is different.  Every carnival is different.
How To Develop The Wickedest Wine!

Let's just be honest....

There's nothing like a good hard jam in the fete but nothing and I mean nothing, beats a nice, sweet, soft wine.

A sweet wine with a nice rhythmic pelt of the waist is a delicacy that is served in every fete during carnival.  The key to find the person who can serve you this sweet dish. 

One of the problems, at times, is that the dish is so good that you keep going back and then you find out that yuh cyah get any more service!!  LOL

So just be aware that doing these exercises may in fact bring you more "service" on the road than you want to handle.  Just beware. When you start developing a sweet waistline, everybody wants a likkle sample in de fete.  :-)
So here's the deal, whether you a veteran or a virgin or an experienced fetter or a neophyte you have either been on the giving end or receiving end of this particular phenomenon.  It's something that men say happens rarely and women say happens frequently.  But there's really no way of knowing the frequency without taking a survey or poll. But you be the judge!

Question for
The Carnival Doctor

Dear Carnival Doctor, I am coming to TNT carnival 2016 celebrating my 42nd birthday. I If you are true to your words, I need help with Vale Breakfast tickets. I need 14 tickets. Can you help me, please? Thanks for the willingness to help and for your advance assistance if you can make this happen.

I cannot tell you how many fetes sell male and female tickets and do not account for the different amenities that women need when utilizing restrooms. Man, this is NOT j'ouvert. These are fetes and most of them high-end fetes. In such fetes I am expecting the restroom area to be top notch as it was in Soca Brainwash.

Also the signage, the cups that served at souvenirs, and the venue were spectacular.

The fete started somewhat late but this is not a complaint and is just looked at as a trend of Soca Brainwash. The fete starts later than advertised and goes later than advertised.

There are few situations in life where you can do what you like, as you like it and it is okay. Few places where you can be a kid and throw paint and mud and oil. There are few times in life where such behavior is acceptable. And it’s ...

Will I attend The "Big Phat Fish" Fete next year? YES!

The Big Phat Fish Fete was the first fete that I attended for Miami Carnival. I can’t say that there is such thing as a bad fete. I’ve personally, never attended a bad fete. I have attended some fetes where I have left early because I just could not shift my attitude but that was me. There were plenty people in the fete that I called “bad” who where having a great time. That being said, Big Phat Fish, was a good fete for me. Mainly because I was able to shift my attitude and make it a good one.

We all have out pet peeves when it comes to fetes. Some people, like my friend Roxanne, does get vexed when the bartenders does pour stingy and big she cup up with ice and no rum. And then there are some that get vexed when the DJs play too many hip hop and reggae sets in a soca fete.

I don’t drink, but I do drink loads of water in the fete and have to use the restroom often. What upsets me is when........

"Arrivals may indeed be the best fete of Miami Carnival. And Soca Brainwash may be the best 'new fete' but the Vale Breakfast Fete is The GREATEST fete of Miami Carnival! PERIOD."
- Dr. Rhadi Ferguson

Soca Brainwash

For me, Soca Brainwash was THE BADDEST fete of Miami.

Trini Jungle Juice: Arrivals

Winston Tavares said, "Arrivals set the tone for the carnival weekend. Soca Brainwash kept the feverish pace going."
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