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What do you get when you mix heat, with wildness. Or fire with something sweet....or better yet, some Red Hot with someone wotless. Here's the answer. You have Red Hot Wednesdays with Mr. Wotless himself; Kes ready to heat up the avenue. Now you know the Jokey One couldn't miss that for two reasons. These shall be revealed in the review.

Is it just me, or is this Wednesday feeling kind of hot. Red hot actually. It has to be none other than Red Hot Wednesdays at Coco Lounge. And tonight, the leading lady; Ms. Anju Babwah had a treat for her patrons. Who say guest artist?! Well I shouldn't say artist, more like group. One of T&T's youngest uprising groups Nebula 868 was to hit the avenue and bless the Coco Lounge with a great performance. But before we get to the performance, let's deal with the juicy stuff. To the review!

Who say boat ride?! Wait, let me say that again, who say CRUISE SHIP?! Yes, I said it.....Cruise ship. Please excuse me while I do my happy dance. This had to be an illusion. Come to find out, that was the name of the promotion team yes, and my my my, what an enjoyable illusion it was. Things to make you say WOW! Come to find out that was just an abbreviation of the party's true meaning; Wine On Water. People...this is one review you all would need to pay attention to because the Jokey One is taking no prisoners. To the review!

So it's the weekend before the coveted Halloween celebration, and where does the Jokey one find himself? On Cipriani Blvd that's where. Now I honestly don't really fancy costume parties but something told me this one would be different so I just by two things; the venue being Aura because this venue has begun bringing in some fresh and trendy ideas....and the name of the event, which was Nightmare On Cipriani Blvd. Now let's see if this this party was actually a fantasy, or did it really turn out to be a nightmare. To the review!

Oh yea! It's the weekend before Halloween yea! And you all know we cannot speak of Halloween without a Haunted Mansion. This is what Coco Lounge was transformed into that night. A meeting place for all the ghost and ghouls to party under the night light. It's a haunted S.O.E flex. On to the review!

Oh gadooo!! From the slumber the jokey one has returned. Ready to give you all another entertaining review. Now I know you all missed me....GOOD!!! This curfew situation has me a little tame but one event I knew I could not miss, and for two reasons. Reason number one; it's a breakfast cooler cruise, and you know how I feel about my boat rides, and secondly, to celebrate the birthday of one of our well renowned local DJ, and friend DJ Assassin. If you weren't there you were actually what the name of the party was; M.I.A - Missing In Action. And now, to the review!

Doh Coast Review

Before the Jokey One begins this review, I have one question...."Who's Coasting?" If you are, trust me, this party was DEFINATELY not for you! But still you could've attend, with your sour self.

Outback X Review

Where do you find the hottest ladies, the sweetest music, and to top it off.... free drinks? I'll tell you, in your dreams! I'm just kidding. But I'll be honest, Outback was so good almost felt like a ...

Question. Who say Chameleon Saturdays in Coco Lounge tonight? You know what? I'm going to do like a Chameleon and blend in this one. Now this is an event thats happening every Saturday, so trust me, this won't be the last review you'll be hearing about. But, let's see how this night went shall we?

It's Friday night, and I'm in the mood to party. But where can I go? Alright, you know what, I'm heading east-side. Yes, you heard me, east to Club Aquarius. First things first, I'm a Leo so let's see if the stars were wrong and my greatest match is a female Aquarius. Here's the review.
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